Literary Agent Strikes Back

When I was interviewed for my current job I was asked why I was applying for jobs in academic publishing rather than trade. My explanation was that I thought that it might spoil the books if I was reading them in a rough state. Maybe it wouldn’t, maybe I’d enjoy it anyway like I enjoyed reading the efforts of my GCSE and A-level students, but the worry was there.

Imagine reading really bad books day after day written by illiterate and demanding egomaniacs. Surely you’d crack? How would you relieve the stress of witnessing the literary equivalent of the early rounds of the X Factor day in, day out?

Slush Pile Hell is a hilarious website which documents a literary agents reaction to the more offensive covering letters they receive. If you’re like me and you have to bite back the comment that you really want to make before giving a moderate response then this is for you.

1 thought on “Literary Agent Strikes Back

  1. Sharon

    I’m starting a publishing program next month so I like finding blogs about any kind of publishing and what my life might my like once I’m working in the industry. Thank you for the link. I’m about to check it out.


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